Tab Converting Services

Tab converting services are for customers choosing to preprint their tabs. Once we receive the customer preprinted stock, the converting process can involve Mylar application, die cutting, spine reinforcement, collating, 3-hole drilling and binding.

Customer Printed Index Tab Dividers – these are a professional cost effective way to show off your binder, notebook, planner, marketing binders, catalogs, and directories. Printing your own tabs allows you to print your own designs and text for the index tabs and then send the preprinted stock to us for conversion to finished index tab dividers.

We take your preprinted tabs and perform your chosen services to create the finished product. Index Tab Dividers help section off topics within your marketing binder, planner, catalog, directory, or binder. With custom index tab dividers you don’t have to do anything except print your design and text in your font, format, color, and size then the rest is done for you leaving you with a high quality project that represents your brand exquisitely.

We offer the following services for your preprinted tabs:

  • Mylar Application: Mylar-reinforced index tabs are sealed with a durable Mylar film, adding extra strength and longer life to the index tab.
  • Die Cutting: Choose your tab cut style and location (end or side). We have standard dies available, and custom dies if needed.
  • Spine Reinforcement: Spine reinforcement strengthens the spine of the divider increasing the durability and longevity of the divider.
  • Collating: Collated (titles boxed together in sets) or not collated (each title boxed individually).
  • Punching and Drilling: 2-hole punching at top, or 3-hole or 5-hole punching on the left or right side.

Please contact us for more information about preprinting your own custom tabs and using our services to finish the process.

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