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Blank Copyable Index Tab Dividers

We supply Blank Copyable Index Tab Dividers – These simple yet ideal copyable index tab dividers are a way to keep a document, project, planner, and binder organized and accessible. These blank dividers are an essential part of any project. Tabs allow quick findings for the topics you’re searching for within your project, document, planner, or binder with little to no effort. These tabs are easily organized for any project you use them for, you can even find printable versions to take the guesswork out of the organization for the project at hand.
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Custom Printed Index Tab Dividers

We print Custom Printed Index Tab Dividers – these are a professional way to show off your binder, notebook, planner, marketing binders, catalogs, and directories. Custom Printed Index Tab Dividers allow easy location by tabs so you don’t spend time searching while adding the finishing touch to your project. You have an array of options to choose from which is sure to fit the look of the project you’re using the tabs for.
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Tab Index Services | Custom printed index tab dividers

Tab Converting Services

Tab converting services are for customers choosing to preprint their tabs. The converting process can involve Mylar application, die cutting, spine reinforcement, collating, 3-hole drilling and binding.
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Tab Index | Tab Converting Services

File Folders

Custom Printed File Folders

We print Custom Printed File Folders. Custom File Folders allow you to design a file folder for a business, project, or even party. You create the design or choose from a template to customize then we get to work printing your design onto the folder of your choice. If you’ve chosen to use a folder with tabs then labels will also be applied, you can also add other features such as fasteners, dividers, pockets, and even color code.
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Tab Index Services | Custom file folders | File Folder Converting

File Folder Converting Services

Converting file folders involves printing your design and text on folder stock and then using a die to cut and score the folder into its final shape. We have standard dies available, and custom dies if needed.

We can add adhesive pockets and bonded or embedded fasteners in any position. If you need pocket dividers, built-in dividers, file back dividers, or pre-installed custom printed index dividers just let us know. Add custom labels with consecutive numbering, color coding, barcodes, or custom data. Add logos, forms, or custom print to any folder panel, tab, or divider.
Preprinted File Folder Converting Services

Tab Index Services | Custom file folders | File Folder Converting

Pressboard Folders

We supply Pressboard Folders. Pressboard Folders are sturdy tear resistant folders for heavily used files for drawer use. These folders keep your documents orderly with different colors to help the filing process. The fasteners available on these types of folders are located on the inside to help hold highlighted documents in place while the folder helps keep documents organized. Pressboard Folders are great for legal documents, loans, and real estate documents as these folders can hold large amounts of paperwork to safeguard your projects.
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Clear Overlay 3-Ring Binders

We supply Clear Overlay 3-Ring Binders (D-Ring and Round Ring). Clear Overlay 3-Ring Binders are completely customizable D-ring or Round Ring binders. The binder has a clear front pocket that can be filled with customized designs that are interchangeable. To fill the clear pocket use embossed, printed, and other design pages. The D-ring helps keep pages as flat as possible while documents are being added to the binder so there is no crease or tears in the pages. Choose a clear overlay 3-ring binder for a professional look in the office or other presentations.
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Tab Index Services | Clear overlay 3-ring binders (D-ring and Round ring)

Custom 3-ring binders (Printed, Foil Stamped, Embossed, etc.)

We Customize 3-Ring Binders. They can be Printed, Foil Stamped, Embossed, etc. the possibilities are endless with Custom Printed 3-Ring Binders. You can wow the office with or class with their own custom 3 ring binder. Foil stamped 3 ring binders to bring professional attention to any meeting or presentation.
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Tab Index Services | Custom 3-ring binders | Printed, Foil Stamped, Embossed

Standard 3-Hole Drilling (Custom 2, 3, 4 and 5-Hole Drilling)

We offer Standard 3-Hole Drilling. This type of 3 hole drilling is the technique of punching holes in large quantities of paper all at once. The holes in the papers are then used as storage for a binder, these holes keep the pages secure and sections in order. The process can be done with Custom 2, 3, 4 & 5-Hole Drilling depending on the project.
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Tab Index Services | Standard 3-hole drilling | Custom 2, 3, 4 & 5-hole drilling


Perfect Binding

We perform Perfect Binding. Perfect Binding is the technique used for soft cover books and booklets. This technique is used to make journals, magazines, and business related such as annual reports, booklets, corporate reports, and catalogs. Since the spine is part of the cover the finished product is seamless. The front cover is bent to create the spine of the book then the pages are glued using a hot melt or polyurethane reactive adhesive onto the spine in small sections between the front cover and the spine creating a smoother edge and more appealing front edges.
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Tab Index Services | Perfect binding

Coil Punching and Binding

We perform Coil Punching and Binding. Coil Binding is also known as spiral binding, which is a common binding. Coil binding is a great way to present import documents as the booklet lays flat on the table or folded because the coil binds rotates 360 degrees, the binding style is very durable.
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Tab Index Services | Coil punching and binding

Twin Loop (Wire) Punching and Binding

We perform Twin Loop (Wire) Punching and Binding. Twin loop binding is also referred to as wire-o or duo wire binding too. There are two pitches depending on the pattern of the punch which are 3:1 or 2:1, each number represents how many punches per inch.
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Tab Index Services | Twin loop (wire) punching and binding

Fold and Saddle Stitch

We perform Fold & Saddle Stitching. Saddle Stitching refers to the old art of the book binding method. This method consists of folded sheets of paper gathered together with one paper inside another paper then a wire staple is placed through the fold line. The wire staple goes through the outside of the folded sheets clinching together the pages to make a booklet, two staples are commonly used but maybe more for bigger books.
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Tab Index Services | Fold and Saddle Stitch

Finishing Touches


We provide lamination services. The process of lamination encloses printed materials between two pieces of transparent plastic film. The clear plastic film adds protection, strength, and rigidity. Lamination brightens the ink colors enhancing the appearance of the printed product.
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Tab Index | Lamination Services


We offer embossing services. Embossing is a process that alters the surface of printed materials. Embossing can be performed on the surface of paper and other materials. Embossing creates a three-dimensional effect on the surface by raising selective areas of the surface.
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Tab Index | Embossing Services

Perforation and Micro-perforation

We perform Perforation and Micro-perforation. Perforation is used for sheets of paper or card stock, these perforations are 12 small holes per inch and are called the perforation marks. A great example of perforation is a postage stamp, which is perforated on every side. This process is made by piercing and boring the paper or card stock.
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Tab Index Services | Perforation and Micro-perforation


We perform Scoring. Scoring is the process of making a ridge that is indented into the paper that makes the paper fold easier. Scoring is mainly used on cardstock, cardboard or heavy paper, lighter weight papers are generally easier to fold and do not require scoring.
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Tab Index Services | Scoring


We perform Folding services. When designing a brochure or pamphlet you want the best quality you can get. Let us do the folding for you! After printing your flawless design now it’s time to think about the folding, you’ll find landscape or portrait folding with a single, double, or trifold with options like Z-fold, bi-fold, accordion fold, roll fold, gate fold, double panel folds, and double gate folds.
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Tab Index Services | Folding

Round Cornering

We perform Round Cornering. Round Cornering is a great option for making rounded corners for your project whether it be documents, index cards, business cards, pocket sized booklets, or photos. Round Cornering helps your project look neat and well put together by removing the corners.
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Tab Index Services | Round cornering

Foil Stamp and Die Cut

We perform Foil Stamp & Die Cut. Foil Stamp & Die Cutting happens when a heated die stamps a specially made foil onto a paper stock then bonding the design to the paper creating eye catching results. The .25 inch base of a metallic background stamped lettering, graphic design, or line is hard to ignore. A die cut lets you create unique designs that can range from the conventional circle, outlines, images, or logos. Using heat and pressure of the close process the image is applied to the paper stock.
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Tab Index Services | Foil Stamp and Die Cut

Number, Score and Perforate

We provide Numbering, Scoring and Perforating services. We can perforate raffle tickets, Scratch off tickets, numbered invoices, pocket folders, mailers and cover stocks.
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Tab Index Services | Number, Score and Perforate

Other Services

Fulfilment Services

We keep frequently used products in inventory at all times. We offer the ability to ship your order or you can pick up your products at our convenient location in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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