Foil Stamp and Die Cut

We perform Foil Stamp & Die Cut. The Foil Stamp and Die Cutting process uses a heated die to stamp a specially made foil onto a paper stock then bonding the design to the paper creating eye catching results. The .25 inch base of a metallic background stamped lettering, graphic design, or line is hard to ignore. A die cut lets you create unique designs that can range from the conventional circle, outlines, images, or logos. Using heat and pressure of the close process the image is applied to the paper stock.

Foil stamping has infinite and limitless design opportunities as there are so many designs you can create. The use of hot foil stamping helps to add texture, shimmer, or to highlight a specific image of your design. Holographic foils as well as metallic, gold, and silver colors can also be used in the making of your design. After the foil is stamped and bonded to your choice of paper the design is then embossed raising the design to make it a three dimensional image.

Die cutting is the general process of die to shear away low strength materials such as paper, rubber, cloth, fiber, paperboard, plastic, and more. Die cutting is used to cut a custom shape and size, the crisp blade cuts through the design leaving smooth edges. A die cut which is like an oversized cookie cutter is usually used for presentations, folders, business cards, boxes, and brochures by cutting card stocks and label stocks. Using a tactile and vision edge to make your design stand out from the rest. It only takes a few moments to capture someone’s attention before they evaluate the product forming an opinion of your business based on the quality of your printed materials. Make your project look unique with foil stamps and a die cut design.

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