File Folder Converting

File Folder Converting starts with your choice of manila, color, and pressboard folder stock sheets. This is the same stock as file folders are made of except its a blank sheet of with no tabs, scores, or folds.

We then print your design on the manilla stock and your text where the index tab will be when we cut the folder out of the stock. This allows you to completely customize both the look of the folder and the text that you will use on the index tab of the folder.

You can select a standard letter or legal folder size. Or choose your own custom folder size. Choose top tabs for drawer filing, side tabs for drawer filing, or both. Tabs can be cut all the same or in alternating positions.

Converting file folders involves taking the stock sheet once it is printed and using a die to cut the shape of the folder and tabs. Next the die is used to score the folder into its final shape. Then the stock is folded to create a file folder. We have standard dies available, and custom dies if needed.

We can add adhesive pockets and bonded or embedded fasteners in any position. If you need pocket dividers, built-in dividers, file back dividers, or pre-installed custom printed index dividers just let us know. Add custom labels with consecutive numbering, color coding, barcodes, or custom data. Add logos, forms, or custom print to any folder panel, tab, or divider.

Using File Folder Converting save money because they are ready to use right out of the box. No more wasting time having your staff put together folders. File Folder Converting can match your existing filing system and include custom labeling which helps reduce misfiles. This helps to improve your organizations overall efficiency.

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