Twin Loop (Wire) Punching and Binding

We perform Twin Loop (Wire) Punching and Binding. Twin loop binding is also referred to as wire-o or duo wire binding too. There are two pitches depending on the pattern of the punch which are 3:1 or 2:1, each number represents how many punches per inch. Two holes per inch are 2:1 holes and three holes are 3:2, depending on the thickness of your bind can also determine the pitch you choose. A document between 3/16” and 9/16” thick which is about 5-120 pages can be pitched with a three hole pitch while the two hole pitch can hold 110-250 sheets with a thickness of ⅝” and 1 ¼” thickness. The pitch can help determine how you want your project to look. The ends of the loop are closed with a crimping tool to secure the pages together. Twin loop binding is a versatile way of binding. These heavy duty binds are perfect for reports, book binding projects, and presentations.

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