Round Cornering

We perform Round Cornering. Round Cornering is a great option for making rounded corners for your project whether it be documents, index cards, business cards, pocket sized booklets, or photos. Round Cornering helps your project look neat and well put together by removing the corners.

Rounded corners are also easier on the eyes, experts say rectangles with round corners are easier on the eyes than rectangles with sharp corners. The sharper the corner the brighter it appears; the bright it appears the harder it is to look at. Sharp corners make you veer from the line of information you are looking at which leads to short pauses and lost information.

Rounded corners are a great way to help corners of the page not get bent or tattered when handled frequently, also cutting down on paper cut injury as there is no 90 degree corner. The round corners are also a great idea for thick laminated documents. Choose the round corner that best suits your needs, you can choose from ½”, ⅜”, ¼”, ⅛”. A document with round corners is unique and will help you stand out.

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