Pressboard Folders

We supply Pressboard Folders. Pressboard Folders are sturdy tear resistant folders for heavily used files for drawer use. These folders keep your documents orderly with different colors to help the filing process. The fasteners available on these types of folders are located on the inside to help hold highlighted documents in place while the folder helps keep documents organized. Pressboard Folders are great for legal documents, loans, and real estate documents as these folders can hold large amounts of paperwork to safeguard your projects.

Pressboard folders provide extra strength and durability. Pressboard material made using several layers of paper that are compressed using pressure and heat, resulting in a strong, dense, and tear-resistant material ideal for frequent handling. Pressboard is strong enough to withstand high daily use, making it a good choice for use in the workspace.

The perfect folder for large bulky files. Whether they are active or inactive records, pressboard folders are designed to stand up and last even in the most demanding environment. All pressboard products are featured with Tyvek expansions which allows the file to expand as needed.

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  • Full end tab design, 1/2″ exposure
  • 1 or 2” Gray Tyvek expansion
  • Scored tick marks for label placement
  • Top corners rounded, front and back
  • 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material
  • 20pt , 4 stock colors
  • Front panel 9 ½” high

LETTER SIZE: 12 ¼” w X 9 ½” Overall, 11 ¾” W
LEGAL SIZE: 15 ¼” W X 9 1/2” Overall, 14 ¾” W Body, Undercut to 14 3/8”

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