Perfect Binding

We perform Perfect Binding. Perfect Binding is the technique used for soft cover books and booklets. This technique is used to make journals, magazines, and business related publications such as annual reports, booklets, corporate reports, and catalogs. Since the spine is part of the cover the finished product is seamless. The front cover is bent to create the spine of the book then the pages are glued using a hot melt or polyurethane reactive adhesive onto the spine in small sections between the front cover and the spine creating a smoother edge and more appealing front edges.

Because the cover, spine, and back are one solid piece, there are no seams and this gives it a smooth great looking front edge.  This allows the entire cover, spine, and back to be printed all at once with wrap-around printing. This gives the finished product a great high quality look. This allows important information such as the title of the publication and author to be printed on the spine of the publication.

Perfect binding is more cost effective than other binding methods and can be used on small print runs making it easy to produce a high quality product on a budget.  Perfect binding can be used for both small publications like magazines and large publications such as catalogs with hundreds of pages.

Advantages of perfect binding are the aesthetically appealing, printable spine, strength and durability, completely customizable. This is a relatively lower cost than other binding methods as well.

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