We provide lamination services. The process of lamination encloses printed materials between two pieces of transparent plastic film.  The clear plastic film adds protection, strength, and rigidity.  Lamination brightens the ink colors enhancing the appearance of the printed product.

Our Lamination Services are used in many types of Printing Projects

Printed items that are frequently handled benefit from lamination.  Some projects that frequently use lamination are restaurant menus, maps, membership cards, etc.  Lamination is used for printed materials in damp or dirty environments to protect the printed materials form damage in these environments.  Examples of printed items that are laminated for damp or dirty environments are equipment operating instructions, safety information cards, and posted informational signs.

When laminating a printed item, the lamination extends 1/8” to ½” beyond the edge of the printed piece to allow the top and bottom layer of laminate to bond.  This creates a permanent seal protecting the printed piece from any damage from repeated handling.  Lamination keeps dirt and moisture away from the printed item.

Our Lamination Services use many thicknesses of laminate are available and it is important to find the best thickness for your project.  Thinner laminates allow your project to be folded.  Thicker laminates add more rigidity to your project and cannot be folded once the item is laminated.

Laminates are available in gloss or matte finishes.  This is called the laminate sheen level.  A gloss laminate adds a shiny appearance to your printed materials.  A gloss finish will add vibrancy to the ink on the printed piece.  A matte laminate has a softer appearance and helps to reduce glare.  A matte finish makes the printed materials easier to read because of the reduced glare.

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