Fold and Saddle Stitch

We perform Fold and Saddle Stitching. Saddle Stitching refers to the old art of the book binding method. This method consists of folded sheets of paper gathered together with one paper inside another paper then a wire staple is placed through the fold line. The wire staple goes through the outside of the folded sheets clinching together the pages to make a booklet, two staples are commonly used but maybe more for bigger books. The cover and back of the booklet are printed on 11”x17” paper then the paper is folded in half to make an 8.5”x11” booklet jacket. The folded sheets are nested inside one another then stapled together at the folded crease of the spine. Keep in mind when making a booklet; saddle stitching requires the booklets page count in multiples of four. Keep this helpful tip in mind when making a booklet so you don’t have any unplanned pages.

The Fold and Saddle Stitch process can’t begin until the pages of the booklets are printed, stapled, then folded. After securing the pages with the wire staples the cover along with the pages are nested and folded tightly together. If you have a thicker booklet the pages will be trimmed along the outside of the books edge to make the pages even with a neat appearance. Saddle stitching is great for programs, wall calendars, comic books, mailers, magazines, newsletters, and pamphlets. A few things to keep in mind are the saddle stitch method is usually only used for up to 64 pages or less since the page count goes by four at a time. Make sure to leave space around the margins of your pages, this way no text gets lost or cut off; to prevent this make sure to check your print settings early on in your project.

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