Coil Punching and Binding

We perform Coil Punching and Binding. Coil Binding is also known as spiral binding, which is a common binding. Coil binding is a great way to present import documents as the booklet lays flat on the table or folded because the coil binds rotates 360 degrees, the binding style is very durable.

Coil Punching and Binding is a three step process, the process involves punching, insert, and crimping. The holes are punched first, 4:1 is the common hole pattern which means the punch is four holes to every inch along the binding side of the document. The holes being punched are either oval or circular, the easiest way to coil bind is with oval holes.

The coils are available in 6mm to 50mm in diameter which is about two inches thick so you’re sure to get the perfect size coil for your project. The coil binding spine is inserted into the spine of the booklet then crimped at the end.

To create the booklet the holes are punched into the documents then a cover and backing are set in place then the coil is twisted through the small holes after the coil is inserted through the entire length of the document the coil is then crimped at the ends to secure the pages in place. Coil Punching and Binding differs from other bindings because there is no spinal tension on the coils, the pages of the document coil around the booklet with little resistance which is how the binded document can be continuously open without having to reopen again
and again. The coil binding is a great choice for cookbooks, calendars, directories, manuals, sales presentations, classroom material and reports.

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